Patient Highlight / Sarah: Cognitive Rehabilitation

Sarah: Cognitive Rehabilitation

Patient recovering from a stroke in rehabilitation hospital uses the REAL System to focus on cognitive rehabilitation

Sarah’s rehab with REAL® was therapeutic and so engaging.

— Sarah’s Therapist

Meet Sarah, a rehabilitation patient recovering from stroke at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Chandler, AZ. Sarah’s therapist recently incorporated REAL Immersive System into Sarah’s rehab routine in hopes of engaging Sarah in therapy. An avid painter, Sarah naturally gravitated to the Creative Canvas family of activities.

Due to the lack of steadiness in her hands, Sarah worried about painting outside the lines. However, thanks to REAL System’s safe and encouraging virtual environments, she found the activities to be enjoyable and relaxing. In her mind, the activity brought the paintings to life.

To promote the use of both hands and exaggerate movement, Sarah often paints virtual scenes with her right hand, while holding a paint palette in her left. Sarah and her therapist agree that the activities are as engaging as they are therapeutic.

Engage a wide rehab-patient population, from high-acuity to high-functioning

Are you interested in learning how REAL System can support your rehab patients with fun and engaging activities? REAL System has you covered, from high-acuity patients who lack upper extremity (UE) stability to high-functioning patients who require new challenges like bimanual coordination and increased speed. Schedule a free demo to learn more about REAL System from our dedicated team of Care Specialists.

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