About Us

The Penumbra, inc. team focuses on helping patients in the rehabilitation space by working on the REAL System

About Us


In 2017, Penumbra teamed up with Sixense Enterprises, a San Francisco Bay Area company specializing in enterprise use of VR hardware and software to build the REAL System. A diverse group of engineers, artists, designers and clinical experts from around the world, working as one team, created a customized device to meet the specific therapeutic needs of a wide range of patients and survivors. Initial FDA clearance was granted in 2019, and now Penumbra is proud to bring this unique tool to the practice of rehabilitation.


Penumbra, Inc., headquartered in Alameda, California, is a global healthcare company focused on innovative therapies. Penumbra designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative products and has a broad portfolio that addresses challenging medical conditions and significant clinical needs across two major markets, neuro and vascular. Penumbra sells its products to hospitals primarily through its direct sales organization in the United States, most of Europe, Canada and Australia, and through distributors in select international markets.

The Immersive Rehabilitation team focuses on the REAL System, a virtual reality tool for physical and occupational rehabilitation


REAL System headset for virtual rehabilitation


We believe rehab should be delightful and engaging. That’s why we’ve created an intuitive system based on science, giving therapists the tools to motivate patients and help keep them engaged in their rehabilitation.​


The REAL System team is dedicated to creating beneficial uses for immersive virtual reality. We combine science-based healthcare expertise and decades of world-class software development experience into a unique combination of cutting-edge healthcare and technology, which we use to create tools to help people in need.

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