Patient Highlight / Traci: Activities of Daily Living Rehabilitation

Traci: Activities of Daily Living Rehabilitation

REAL System patient with reabilitation team working on activities of daily living rehabilitation

I am amazed how much movement I am performing inside REAL® System.

— Patient Traci

A few years ago, Traci suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) at C5-C6-C7 as a result of a car accident and has been receiving physical therapy three times a week for the past year and a half. Committed to improving her functional mobility, core strength, and endurance, Traci is always game to try new therapy tools.

Traci’s physical therapist assistant (PTA), Bethany, recently added REAL System, with its virtual activities, as an adjunct to their conventional rehab sessions. Traci uses the system for 25 minutes, twice a week to help her further strengthen her upper body and core, and increase functional independence with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental ADLs.

The VR world is harder than you think, and it makes you move more and use all your motor skills to do each activity.

— Patient Traci

Traci is very excited about using REAL System as part of her rehabilitation journey. She initially wondered whether VR-based activities would offer an appropriate level of challenge. However, her doubts faded as soon as she entered the system’s virtual environment. Not only did she feel challenged, but she was also amazed by the range of her motor skills while immersed in the activities.

Traci isn’t the only one who can tell how much movement she is accomplishing. Her PTA, Bethany, also noted that Traci’s motor skills are progressing nicely. Thanks to combined therapy (conventional physical therapy in conjunction with VR therapy using REAL System), Traci has improved unsupported sitting balance, functional reach, wheelchair transfers, and the ability to brush her teeth. Dedicated to therapy, Traci continues to work on her functional skills and strives hard to gain independence in ADLs like dressing, hair brushing, and bathing.

I like the core control exercises in a suspended reality. The patient can do more without fear.

– Traci’s PTA
Patient uses therapeutic VR from REAL System for recovery

Traci says she enjoys using REAL System because the activities are fun, engaging, and challenging. Her favorite REAL Activities include Bird Forest activities and Hot Air Balloon activities. Bird Forest activities make therapy fun and engaging, while Hot Air Balloon activities allow Traci to work her core muscles and encourage her to move beyond her perceived limitations.

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