Patient Highlight / Mike: Trunk and Upper Extremity Range of Motion Rehabilitation

Mike: Trunk and Upper Extremity Range of Motion Rehabilitation

Mike uses therapeutic VR from REAL System

REAL® System was a great way to exercise without even knowing it. I would reach out and put objects in different areas. I wanted to do much more because it was so interesting and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

— Patient Mike

Mike, a rehabilitation patient in his 50s, is a former art teacher who now owns and operates his own painting business in Indianapolis. Mike left the classroom life behind following a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2013.

MS causes many different symptoms, and symptoms can vary from person to person. In Mike’s experience, impairments include difficulty walking, muscle weakness, spasticity, incoordination, decreased balance, and an overall decrease in functional mobility. In September 2021, Mike started rehabilitation sessions with Megan, an occupational therapist with Northbound Health who introduced REAL System to Mike early on. Thanks to Northbound Health’s unique model of care and mobile rehabilitation centers, Megan and colleagues can bring innovative tools like REAL System to patients, who, like Mike, would have difficulty accessing specialized care otherwise.

Wow! I found it (REAL System) to be very helpful with my rehabilitation. You feel like you are in a cartoon world. It was just how it would look in a normal setting but was animated. It was amazing and I can’t wait for more sessions.

— Patient Mike

Mike tackles a variety of exercises using REAL Activities such as Catch & Glow™, Summit Rescue™, and Chuckleball™ Arena. Megan’s ability to customize REAL Activities and settings to Mike’s needs has had a demonstrated effect on his dynamic sitting balance and ability to perform certain activities of daily living (ADL). Additionally, Mike has seen improvement in arm strength related to functional transfers, tolerance and endurance for activities, trunk and upper extremity range of motion, and overall attention and safety awareness.

Megan enjoys how REAL System allows her patients to shift their focus away from thoughts and feelings often expressed during conventional therapy. 

It is an alternative reality. He [Mike] can focus on the activities in the screen in front of him versus how he is feeling personally. He doesn’t focus on the muscle fatigue he may be feeling, and/or the distracting environment around him, just to name a few.

— Therapist Megan

REAL System, with its immersive activities, is designed to distract rehab patients. Often, patients catch themselves performing tasks while using REAL System that they would otherwise avoid due to apprehension. Mike lauds REAL System as “a great way to exercise without even realizing it.” Determined to make all the improvement he can, Mike stated that the ability to regain the strength to get up off the floor or to help with transfers is one of his top goals. Megan has great confidence in Mike and has seen a great deal of progress in the time Mike has spent using REAL.

REAL System has improved his [Mike’s] posture and sitting balance, unknowingly to him, while he is immersed in the system. This demonstrates to me that he has more underlying automatic reactions still intact and has great potential for further improvements in therapy.

— Therapist Megan
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