Patient Highlight / Derek: Core Strengthening and Trunk Control Rehabilitation

Derek: Core Strengthening and Trunk Control Rehabilitation

Patient focuses on core strengthening and trunk control rehabilitation with clinical specialist while using the REAL System

Derek has way better core/trunk control, and movement than he had before, as well as an increase in his sitting tolerance and faster reaction time.

— Andon, Derek’s Therapist

Derek is a patient with an Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) at C4, 5, 6 who needed rehabilitation to improve strength in his weaker arm, increase core/trunk stability, build muscle strength, sit unassisted, and address generalized muscle weakness.

Derek first used REAL® Immersive System in August 2020 as an adjunct to conventional rehab sessions to help him reach his therapy goals. His therapist, Andon, initially customized Derek’s REAL sessions by selecting the lowest difficulty settings. However, within six weeks of using REAL, Andon had adjusted Derek’s settings to the highest levels.

Since incorporating REAL System into Derek’s therapy, Andon noticed:

  • Improved core trunk stability (Bumper Band activity encouraged slower, controlled movement)
  • Faster reaction time (Sports Park activities set at most challenging levels)
  • Increased usage of both arms

In Bird Forest activities, Derek held weights as he placed birds into their nests. These activities focus on functional movement patterns and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training.

In one of the Hot Air Balloon activities called Bumper Band, Derek rescued three band members’ balloons in a record 54 seconds! For a bigger challenge, Derek tried to beat his own record while holding weights and stabilizing his core. This family of activities focus on trunk control and stability.

In Sports Park activities, Derek used weights and an Airex® pad to further challenge functional and reactive movement. Derek stabilized a weight by holding it at his core with one hand and used the other hand to isolate and block flying blue fish or move his body to dodge spiky red fish.

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Physical therapist assists a client balancing on one leg while using Real System's y-Series

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