Patient Highlight / Brandon: Functional Movement Rehabilitation

Brandon: Functional Movement Rehabilitation

Patient works on achieving functional movement goals using the REAL System virtual reality rehabilitation tool

REAL® System gives the patient a goal to beat that cannot be replicated with normal ther-ex (therapeutic exercise).

— Brandon’s Therapist

Two years ago, Brandon had a stroke that left him with various impairments including right-sided weakness/paralysis and difficulty speaking. During rehabilitation sessions, Brandon primarily works to increase function in his right arm and hand.

First introduced to REAL Immersive System in October 2020, Brandon continues to use the system consistently as part of his rehabilitation efforts. According to his therapists, REAL System motivates Brandon to utilize his upper body and has been instrumental in keeping him engaged and challenged during his therapy sessions.

[It] doesn’t feel like I am working out because my focus is on the birds [in the REAL System’s Bird Forest activities] and not the exercise.

— Brandon

When Brandon started his REAL System journey, his therapists selected the system’s lowest difficulty levels due to Brandon’s impaired right side. Slowly, the difficulty levels were adjusted upwards and his therapists even began to augment certain REAL Activities with hand-held items. Today, Brandon’s therapists happily report that he can reach the highest levels in Bird Forest activities and has improved function on his right side.

After a recent 25-minute session, Brandon admitted to feeling physically tired. However, he said his favorite aspect of REAL System is that it doesn’t feel like exercise because he’s so focused on the birds and not simply going through the motions. Brandon’s fiancée is a REAL System fan as well. She enjoys watching Brandon use a virtual reality system and has noticed its effect on his ability to reach with his right arm.

I am most excited about the patient’s compliance and enthusiasm using REAL System each visit. It gets them motivated.

— Brandon’s Therapist
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Physical therapist assists a client balancing on one leg while using Real System's y-Series

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