Patient Highlight / Rachel: Upper Body and Range of Motion Rehabilitation

Rachel: Upper Body and Range of Motion Rehabilitation

Clinical specialists show a patient the REAL System tablet and it's aide in upper body and range of motion rehabilitation

It’s fun! I have noticed myself getting better every time I perform the activity.

— Rachel

In July 2021, Rachel’s life was upended when she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a Covid-19 infection. As a result, Rachel was hospitalized for 120 days, 36 of which she spent intubated and sedated in the intensive care unit.

The road to recovery has not been easy for Rachel, who has faced a series of impairments, including limited range of motion, poor motor skills, upper body muscle weakness and low activity tolerance. Often overwhelmed by her impairments, Rachel has struggled to muster the necessary motivation to engage in her rehabilitation.

Rachel’s therapist, Micah, introduced REAL® System to their rehabilitation sessions to help motivate and engage Rachel. After using the System twice weekly for a month, Rachel felt her attitude toward therapy had improved and that she had become more involved in her rehabilitation.

Pain distraction plays an important role in rehabilitation, and the REAL System's interactive games can assist with that distraction.

REAL System has helped me stay motivated and I like the distraction from pain and feel like I can do more in the virtual world.

— Rachel

Specifically, Rachel is a big fan of Chuckleball™ and Flying Fish, Sports Park activities, because they’re challenging and help distract her from her lower back pain. Rachel also likes the ability to customize activities (e.g., repetitions, interval speeds) within a session, as well as session to session. Advancing through various difficulty levels helps her monitor her progress and keeps her motivated.

REAL System allows the patient to have fun in therapy and motivate them to do more.

— Micah, Therapist

Rachel’s therapist, Micah, appreciates that the graphs and other objective data captured in TherapyViewTM on the tablet allow her to track progress over time. While Rachel’s impairments were Covid-19 related, Micah envisions using REAL System to support a wide range of patients with various needs, including upper body strength, range of motion, sitting balance, activity tolerance, wheelchair transfers, and pain distraction.

I am excited about engaging patients and changing up their therapy world with REAL System.

— Micah, Therapist

Discharged in early November, Rachel is grateful to be home. Determined to overcome her impairments, she strives to improve her upper body strength, core and postural strength, and range of motion, as well as increase her activity level and tolerance, endurance, and pain distraction for her lower back pain.This story is yet another example of how REAL System can play a pivotal role helping rehabilitation patients reach their therapy goals.

Engage a wide rehab-patient population, from high-acuity to high-functioning

Are you interested in learning how REAL System can support your rehab patients with fun and engaging activities? REAL System has you covered, from high-acuity patients who may lack stability to high-functioning patients who require new challenges like bimanual coordination and increased speed. Schedule a free demo to learn more about REAL System from our dedicated team of Care Specialists.

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