VR for Healthcare / Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) Therapy

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) Therapy

  1. Efficacy of virtual reality rehabilitation after spinal cord injury: a systematic review
    Author(s): de Araújo AVL, Neiva JFO, Monteiro CBM, Magalhães FH
    Published: Biomed Res Int
    Date: November 2019

  2. Virtual reality-augmented neurorehabilitation improves motor function and reduces neuropathic pain in patients with incomplete spinal cord injury
    Author(s): Villiger M, Bohli D, Kiper D, et al.
    Published: Neurorehabil Neural Repair
    Date: October 2013

  3. High-intensity virtual-reality arm plus FES-leg interval training in individuals with spinal cord injury
    Author(s): Hasnan N, Engkasan JP, Husain R, Davis GM
    Published: Biomed Tech (Berl)
    Date: August 2013

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