Patient Highlight / Jasmine: Upper Body Rehabilitation

Jasmine: Upper Body Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapist working with patient using the REAL System for upper body rehabilitation

I can honestly say I have never seen Jasmine as motivated to participate in therapy as she has been using REAL® System.

— Jasmine’s Therapist

Jasmine, a rehabilitation patient in her 50s, has right spastic hemiparesis, a condition in which muscles on her upper right side are in a constant state of contraction. Jasmine started outpatient occupational therapy following Dysport® injections in her affected shoulder extensors and digit flexors. Jasmine and her therapist primarily focus on shoulder mobility, cognition, and activities of daily living.

Since incorporating REAL Immersive System into their sessions, Jasmine’s therapist reports that Jasmine has become much more engaged and motivated, especially when she squares off against the penguins in Sports Park activities.

I am competitive. I used to play volleyball and tennis! I think that’s why I like Chuckleball™ so much!

— Jasmine
Jasmine uses the REAL System for shoulder flexibility and range of motion therapy

Sports Park activities provide the challenge Jasmine needs to address motor control, reaction time, and reflexive movements. In the Chuckleball Arena, Jasmine defends her goal by using her right or left hand to deflect Chuckleballs thrown by a friendly penguin. It’s a win-win situation for Jasmine, who gets to compete while working on dynamic reach and postural control.

In Bird Forest activities, Jasmine picks up birds and places them into nests. With a simple change of settings, her therapist can request Jasmine use a pronation or supination movement to place birds, which supports training for activities of daily living (e.g., dressing and simple chores).

I like REAL System. It is easier for me, in my head at least, to use my arm.

— Jasmine

Due to years of non-use, Jasmine typically required considerable cueing to initiate movement of her affected limb. Since using REAL System, she has needed significantly less cueing, utilizing her affected limb via active assist for most treatment sessions.

Engage a wide rehab-patient population, from high-acuity to high-functioning

REAL System has you covered, from high-acuity patients who lack upper extremity (UE) stability to high-functioning patients who require new challenges like bimanual coordination and increased speed. Schedule a free demo to learn more about REAL System from our dedicated team of Care Specialists.

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