Patient Highlight / Pete: Core and Postural Control Rehabilitation

Pete: Core and Postural Control Rehabilitation

We love (how) the PTs in this facility find ways to keep him motivated. REAL® System is an example of something new that had him smiling and kept him engaged even after all these years!

— Martha, Pete’s wife 

Five years ago, Pete had a devastating motorcycle accident that put him in a coma for three months. Pete, 60, suffered multiple impairments stemming from strokes, a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and a Lumbar Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) that caused paralysis in his legs.

Pete’s commitment to attend therapy regularly and stay engaged is an inspiration to those who know his story. During therapy sessions, Pete primarily works to improve core and postural control, trunk mobility, and therapeutic engagement.

Unfortunately, Pete’s condition limits the types of exercises he can perform. To expand Pete’s options, his therapist introduced him to REAL Immersive System. Together, they reviewed various REAL Activities before customizing a rehab plan to fit Pete’s needs. Pete says he absolutely loves REAL System! He especially enjoys Hot Air Balloon and Bird Forest activities.

During a recent 30-minute session, Pete’s therapist incorporated wooden poles, TheraBand® resistance bands, and a gait belt to help support Pete as he performed various activities. For example, Pete used wooden poles to stabilize himself during the Balloon Pilot activity, in which he leaned side to side to gently knock his balloon against animated trees. This activity helps Pete work on balance and improve trunk range of motion.

Thanks to REAL System and the creativity of Pete’s therapist, Pete’s therapy sessions are as engaging as they are challenging.

Pete focuses on rehabilitation with the REAL System after an accident that left him with paralysis and TBI

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Physical therapist assists a client balancing on one leg while using Real System's y-Series

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