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REAL Vision VR Training

REAL Vision VR Training is a new approach to workplace sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training. With the help of virtual reality (VR), REAL Vision VR Training transports learners into real-world scenarios, allowing them to directly experience what it feels like to be someone else.

Trainings are designed to be compliant with all state requirements and recommendations. Managers and employees can receive trainings in the following areas:

REAL system VR training for sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment & Retaliation

real system vr training for age discrimination

Age-based Discrimination

REAL system VR training for religious discrimination

Religious Discrimination

REAL System VR Training for bullying


REAL System VR training for disability and accessibility

Disability / Accessibility

REAL System VR training for gender based discrimination

Gender-based Discrimination

REAL System VR training for LGBTQ discrimination

LGBTQ+ Discrimination

Create a program that fits your company’s needs using REAL Vision VR Training’s customizable assessment tools.

REAL System VR training program list which contains the text: "Training Program", "Sexual Harrassment & Quid Pro Quo", "Hostile work environment", Sexual harassment & disorientation", reporting, compliant procedures", "Remedies & Liabilities", "Bullying", "Abusive Conduct", Bystander Intervention"
REAL System VR training question: "Todd is Eva's manager. At this stage, is Todd's behavior appropriate for the workplace?"
Choice 1: "Yes, although he may have overshared regarding his personal life, his conduct is not inappropriate"
Choice 2: "No. His conduct was too personal for the workplace"

Retain More and Engage Deeply with the Power of VR

Studies show that traditional training solutions for sexual harassment and discrimination prevention are not effective and tend to increase worker dissatisfaction and turnover.


have witnessed or experienced gender discrimination2

1 in 10

working adults with a disability have experienced harassment3


think racism and discrimination is an issue in the U.S. workplace4


of LGBT employees reported experiencing harassment at work5

VR increases knowledge retention, focus, and confidence in applying curriculum. With REAL Vision VR Training, learners build skills that help make their workplace an environment that fosters trust, dignity, and well-being.

Employee using REAL System VR for HR training
VR learners report:


median recall accuracy vs. 78.57% for desktop display learners6

VR learners are:


more emotionally connected to the content than their e-learning peers7

REAL Vision VR Wellness

With over 100 immersive experiences, REAL Vision VR Wellness can improve employee mental wellness. Employees can engage with interactive apps, such as Serene Lake and Guided Mindfulness, as well as explore self-guided travel or commune with nature. Employee mental wellness has a profound effect on workplace productivity.

Beach Retreat is a virtual activity provided in the REAL System i-Series

Beach Retreats™

Guided Mindfulness is a virtual experience provided with the REAL System i-Series

Guided Mindfulness™

Serene Lake is a series of virtual activities provided with the REAL System's i-Series

Serene Lake™

Wildlife Adventures is a virtual experience provided with the REAL System i-Series

Wildlife Encounters™

a little robot sitting under the logo of "Enhance".


Into the Cold VR Therapy Experience showing a cold, icy tundra.

Into The Cold™

Skies and auroras for therapeutic VR

Skies & Auroras™

World Traveler is an activity included with the REAL System i-Series

World Traveler™

A field of flowers for VR Therapy app "Forests & Fields"

Forests & Fields™

Lost in the Desert VR Therapy Experience showing a desert landscape

Lost in the Desert™

Underwater Adventures is a virtual experience provided with the REAL System i-Series

Underwater Adventures™

VR is shown to support stress and anxiety reduction providing your employees with the tools to be their best selves.8
User feeling mindful after using REAL System VR mindfulness activities


study participants felt that VR mindfulness would benefit their mental health.9

A Powerful Combination Encouraging Behavioral Change

Positive behavioral change occurs when combining mindfulness with harassment and discrimination prevention training. By providing a safe and engaging space for learning and self-reflection, REAL Vision VR Training + Wellness positively impact employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being.

a group of coworkers communicating more clearly after mindfulness activities in REAL System Vision VR system

“Mindfulness counteracts the impulse to mistreat target individuals based on gender and race, as [it] enables the conscious detection of the ill impulse and promotes self-regulation of behaviors.” 10

The Health Impact of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

There is a proven link between workplace sexual harassment and discrimination and mental well-being: experiencing inequity can increase the risk of developing depression and anxiety.

REAL System Vision VR system helping with discrimination training

“Racism takes a huge toll on health and well-being, with documented physical, behavioral, and emotional effects.” 11

“Exposure to workplace discrimination has been found to harm mental health from diminished psychological well-being, increased risk of psychological distress, and pronounced depressive symptoms.” 12

REAL System Vision VR system helps with training for workplace discrimination

“Harassment is associated with debilitating job dissatisfaction and work withdrawal. This largely takes form as disengagement from work, which is manifested as distraction, neglecting a project, malingering, tardiness, or even excessive absenteeism.” 13

REAL System Vision VR headset for Training and Wellness

REAL Vision

Immersive Training + Wellness for
a More Inclusive Workforce

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Product availability varies by country. REAL Vision VR Wellness is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition and should not be relied on for any medical purposes. It is intended to support general wellness and provide employee training through immersive virtual experiences. Any health-related concerns should be directed to a healthcare provider.

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