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  • Exercising symmetrical seated shoulder flexion and encouraging postural alignment, these activities offer a friendly visual dialogue between the patient and an expressive sun. The patient raises the sun by raising and lowering their arms. The sun reacts to the patient’s posture and symmetry, giving real time biofeedback with a range of expressions and reflective positioning. Optional Mirror Therapy setting available.

  • Use for shoulder flexion, upper arm endurance, postural symmetry, shoulder ROM, sitting tolerance

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Exercise seated shoulder flexion and encourage postural alignment. Raise the sun by raising and lowering arms.

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Exercise seated shoulder flexion and encourage postural alignment. Raise and lower arms to grow blue-ribbon vegetables.

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Ice Cave

Exercise seated shoulder flexion and encourage postural alignment. Raise and lower arms to free Cave Penguins from blocks of ice.


Shoulder Active Range of Motion (AROM), strength, and endurance

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  • Exercise shoulder flexion or arm strength

  • Augment activity with resistance bands, weights, dowel, cane, etc.  for shoulder AROM, endurance, and strengthening

  • Incorporate Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) patterns

  • Test patient endurance (i.e., set time goals for raised arm exercises)


  • Help patient understand the relationship between limb position and the virtual environment

  • Test command response (i.e., instruct patient to tilt sun to right or left)

  • Test symbol recognition or the ability to follow commands using ancillary characters as cognitive checkpoints or the sun’s biofeedback for cognitive interpretation

  • Mirror Therapy Options

Adjustable Settings

Adjustable settings are designed to provide clinicians the freedom and flexibility to customize each session to meet an individual’s rehabilitation needs.

  • Arm Flexion
    • 30º, 50º, 80º (Default), 100º, 120º

  • Mirror Strength
    • No Assist (Default), 25% Assist, 50% Assist, 75% Assist, 100% Assist

  • Arm Mirror
    • Left to Mirror (Default), Right to Mirror

  • Reps (Harvest, Ice cave only)
    • 3, 5 (Default), 7

Procedural and operative techniques and considerations are illustrative examples from healthcare provider experience. Healthcare providers' treatment and technique decisions will vary based on their medical judgment. Individual results may vary depending on patient-specific attributes and other factors.

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