Activities / Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is used for Cervical Proprioception and ROM


  • Visually scanning the environment, the patient finds a small penguin using a blue gaze pointer.

  • Use for sensory distraction during setup; familiarize patient with a virtual environment and the device itself; record cervical spine range of motion (ROM); or identify a midline shift

  • Experience with or without sensors


Cervical Proprioception and ROM
In a seated position, the patient can work on cervical proprioception and ROM

  • Facilitate cervical spine range of motion, evaluate midline shift, evaluate quality of movement (e.g., ataxic or smooth)

  • Use visual scanning to identify range of visual field; engage in pattern finding, proprioception, and object recognition (i.e., colors and animals)

  • Helps gauge alertness

  • Supports tracking of spatial sound

  • Helps improve focus and concentration

Adjustable Settings

Adjustable settings are designed to provide clinicians the freedom and flexibility to customize each session to meet an individual’s rehabilitation needs.
  • Cervical ROM
    • Left (-90º~ -30º), Narrow (-30º ~ 30º), Default (-67º ~ 67º), Wide (-90º ~ 90º), Right (30º ~ 90º)

  • Maximum Distance
    • 4m, 8m (Default), 12m, 16m, 20m

  • Next Penguin After
    • 60s, 40s, 30s (Default), 20s, 10s

  • Gaze Time Requirement
    • 1s (Default), 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s

  • Penguins to Find
    • 2x, 5x (Default), 10x, 15x, 20x

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